Wah Kong Corporation draws its core strength from its long family line and knowledge of distribution equipped with intellectual property to drive the business to success. Wah Kong Corporation provides a core competence in communication, involvement and a deep commitment to working across organizational boundaries whilst encouraging strong customer relationships through our partnerships. It involves many levels of people and all functions within the business which paves the way for a more dynamic future in Wah Kong Corporation. Engaging our services in distribution, Retailing, eRetailing, Warehousing & Logistic, Petcare & Confectionery. Wah Kong Corporation has managed to provide an extensive range of products which are widely distributed throughout Malaysia. With a strong team of seasoned management, Wah Kong Corporation promises continuous focus on operational excellence and financial discipline making us a strong competitor in the industry.  The Group comprises 16 companies involve in different business activities. Amongst the group of companies , Wah Kong Corporation Sdn Bhd, YFM Logistic Services Sdn Bhd, Yew Fatt Marketing Sdn Bhd & Momentumstrike Sdn Bhd are certified with ISO 9001:2015 .








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The Group, Wah Kong Corporation Sdn BHd (WKC), established its operation in 1979 as a humble photo retailer in a small town in southern Perak. After years of focus, WKC was founded at 22nd January 1987 with the mission to become market leader in retailing for telecommunication & Photography. WKC was the pioneer of telecommunication and photography industries who contributed significantly to the growth of the industries. After severe years of focus in retailing, WKC became one of the market leader in retailing for telecommunication and photography during the early 90’s. With the first success, WKC started a new venture into distribution of photography equipment and telecommunication gadgets, and it was a success during the mid 90’s. WKC was the distributor for many mobile phone brands and Telecommunication Companies.


With the exposure to distribution of telecommunication and photography, at the early 2000’s WKC Management took a bold move into the venture of FMCG distribution. With leadership of the Management team, WKC growth from initial 40 pallet space to today 4000 pallet space, 140k sq ft environmental friendly warehouse with self sufficient solar power farm and rainwater harvesting facilities in Shah Alam industries park. There are 16k sq ft office & 65k sq ft warehousing spare. The facilities is equip with 6 loading bay which capable of discharging 20 container per day.

Our major business Partner are on following

Food Category :

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Non Food Category :

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