Lashawn Sponsorship
Founder of the save ones sight, Glaucoma organization and fully recovered glaucoma patient, Mr. Stevens is a man who shows not back downs, no giving up and no letting go. Along with his wife Ms. Kaye, the two power couple fight day by day to educate people on the effects of glaucoma and that early […]
Ms. Low Sponsorship
Ms. Low contacted us for help in feeding her 2 kittens. According to Ms. Low, her 2 kittens refused to eat any kitten food. Upon contacting Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd, we agreed to sponsor her with Kitten food, to help her feed her kittens. We at Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd are proud to […]
Ms. Pat Sponsorship
Stray cats from all over Bukit Tinggi, Shah Alam, have hope if they ever cross paths with Ms. Pat. With a total of 18 cats currently residing in her home, she has rescued and sheltered stray cats from her neighborhood as well as around the surrounding area. Upon contacting Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd, we […]