Established in 2006, Pet World Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has successfully grown within the pet care industry. Manufacturing products of the finest ingredients, ProDiet® cat food &  ProBalance® dog food provides pets with a complete balance of nutrition to ensure our pets complete protection.

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Executive Summary

Pet World Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2006. The passion and love for animals has been an important source of motivation for us in the establishment of the company. Fitted out with our commitment and withstanding vision, ProDiet cat food was first introduced and launched in the second quarter of year 2006. As ProDiet® has reached its seventh year; it has successfully made its mark as one of the leading cat food brand in Malaysia. Serving a complete and balanced nutritional cat food, ProDiet® upholds a good quality and nutritious dietary product for cats.


Another major branch of the family is ProBalance® dog food which was launched early in the year of 2011. Since its first appearance in the market, ProBalance® has been receiving good responses and numerous positive feedback. ProBalance® is a complete formulation which provides your dog daily nutritional requirements.


Combining with our stringent quality practices and reliability, Pet World Marketing has successfully strike the hearts of many pet lovers nationwide. We also have been actively engaged in various welfare activities with NGOs in the attempt to promote pet caring and awareness. As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work.

Vision And Mission

To offer uncompromising quality in pet nutrition as well as ensuring pet owners and their pets enjoy many more meaningful years together.

Constant innovation – We help feed the future, from farm to table. To continue to pursue pet food innovations whilst focusing on pet health and wellness, as our pets deserve only the best in life.

As a pet loving company, we constantly reinvent new feeding experiences with high quality and superior nutrition to meet the highest standards in pet food products.

Dedicated to ensuring the use of sustainable and ethical sourcing of raw ingredients to minimize impact on the environment, communities and our furry friends.

Social Responsibility
Passionate about the welfare of our pets as well as maintaining the balance of our ecosystem for a better future for generations to come.



  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Awareness
  • Protecting the Environment
  • CSR Activities

Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd

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PET World Marketing Sdn Bhd is a specialist in brand marketing of pet food & pet related products since 2007. It carries the brand of ProDiet cat food and ProBalance dog food which is now widely distributed in Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore and Pakistan. Pet World (Thailand) Ltd. Established on 1/7/2017 focus on International expasion market pet food & Pet Related product to Thailand.   [ Link To Official Website ]

Products & Services

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ProDiet® is made of 100% real seafood that provides various benefits and makes it irresistible for cats. Manufactured from the finest ingredients, ProDiet® is fortified with the essential Fish oils, Vitamins & Minerals, Taurine, Carbohydrates, Fat & Protein to ensure an all round benefit for cats.

ProDiet® comes in a vast variety of flavours to satisfy the needs of every cat’s preference. Amongst our selections are Salmon & Mackeral, Ocean Fish, Seafood Platter, Fresh Tuna, Mackeral, Chicken & Tuna, Kitten Tuna & Kitten Mackeral.

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ProBalance® is formulated with the complete balance of daily nutritions to make sure your dog is protected. ProBalance® is enriched with the essential Calcium & Phosphorus, Vitamins & Minerals, Omega Oils, Proteins & Fibres to ensure an all round benefit for dogs.

Enriched with glucosamine ProBalance® promotes healthy joints and bones. Green tea essence is also being added in ProBalance® that boosts the dog’s immune system and helps to reduce stool odour significantly. With ProBalance® ever increasing research, we are continuously expanding to serve our customers and especially our consumers preference better.

With continuous research, ProDiet® &  ProBalance® has strived to help our customers maintain the needs of their cats & dogs. Strictly certified suci bersih, ProDiet® & ProBalance® is compliant with the GMP & HACCP regulations.

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Our Regional Office

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Tel: +603 5518 3360

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PET WORLD (THAILAND) LTD. (0105560075042)
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Tel: +662 068 9766

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